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We are excited to be delivering some of the freshest nut butters in New Zealand. Every week in Whangaripo Valley we hand make our nut butters in small batches and sell them that weekend at the Matakana farmers' market. Now get the same freshness online!

Matakana Nut Butters is a family owned artisan business founded in 2008. We sell our delicious range of nut butters through the Saturday Matakana Farmers Market, north of Auckland in New Zealand. Our products are handmade weekly in our custom designed facilities and we also sell freshly ground nut butters from our online market shop.

We believe you are what you eat so all of our products are fresh ground, gluten free and made from natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives.

Try our delicious range of nut butters at the Matakana Markets or give us a call, an email or visit our market shop and we can get some nutty goodness on it's way to you!


We work hard to ensure all our products adhere to our guiding principles where humanly possible.

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