Refined sugar free!

These morsels are a smooth and moreish fudge experience like no other. Just like regular fudge, but instead of a sugar hit, a super-food hit.  So satisfying. Inspired by Minimalist bakers' peanut butter fudge,

A quick and easy recipe to make! I relished in the thought I was using up my unused coconut butter that has been in the back of the pantry for awhile, but I tell you, it's well worth making or getting your hands on some coconut butter just to make this fudge.  

We make our Cashew butter by ever so lightly roasting Cashew nuts with a sprinkling of New Zealand's finest organic sea salt.  Great in any baking, this nut butter is deliciously smooth and creamy and cholesterol free! Naturally loaded with minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium. This butter is a heart lover, you'll grow to love our cashew butter too.

Makes 20 pieces



1 1/2 cups Coconut butter, also known as creamed coconut.

(you can buy this from health food stores or make your own by blending 2 cups desiccated coconut in a food processor on high for 3-5 minutes until a creamy butter is formed.)


1 cup Matakana Nut Butters' cashew butter

(I threw in half cashew butter and half ABC - almond, brazil, cashew - just for fun.)


1/2 cup melted extra virgin raw coconut oil


4 Tbsp of sweetener: maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar or 10 drops Stevia


Tiny pinch of Himalayan or sea salt (optional)


1 tsp pure vanilla bean paste or extract



Line a small cake pan with baking paper. Set aside.

If using store bought creamed coconut/coconut butter, depending on temperature it will be hard, so melt slightly then spoon it into a saucepan with the coconut oil and, gently melt.  If making own coconut butter in food processor, just melt coconut oil separately then add into the food processor.

Add cashew nut butter, sweetener, tiny pinch of salt and vanilla extract. Blend together well.

With a spatula, pour mixture into lined pan and spread into an even layer. 

Allow to cool then freeze until firm. About 20 minutes, or leave in freezer until ready to eat.

Use a hot knife to slice into squares. 

Keep in an airtight container in the pantry or to last longer place in fridge or freezer.




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matakana nut butters cashew and coconut butter fudge
matakana nut butters cashew and coconut butter fudge squares.