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Matakana nut butters is a small family business located in the Whangaripo valley, just over the hill from Matakana village. In 2008 they started selling their classic dark roasted peanut butter at the Matakana farmers market, realising that people loved the taste and the health benefits of freshly made nut butters they decided to extend their range and now offer more than 10 different flavour combos. Fresh is best is definitely the Matakana nut butters motto, on most Saturdays you will be buying nut butter that was made less than 48 hours ago, if not 24! Because they batch roast every week, they are always happy to help you out with custom orders, No salt, extra chilli (my favourite) or an extra dark velvety roast.

Matakana nut butters have their priorities straight - healthy local food that tastes great, feeding families with natural fresh wholefoods. They believe you are what you eat so all their products are naturally gluten free, use no additives or preservatives, GMO free, provide a vast range of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and most importantly taste amazing!


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“The Smokey cashew and almond on seed bread with Avocado and alfalfa OMG amazing” Sarah .H


Wild Rimurimu was formed as a product of conscience. After watching the 2040 documentary and being astounded at the benefits of Rimurimu (the Maori word for seaweed), founder Josie Jackson was initially interested in seaweed due to its positive environmental impact, seaweed farms pull down carbon from the air, provide breeding grounds for our fish and help calm the acidification of the oceans, so many positives from a plant that requires no land, no fresh water, pesticides or fertilisers. Josie soon realised the health benefits for humans were pretty amazing too and set out to create Wild Rimurimu. Their locally sourced North island Kelp contains 46 minerals and 11 different types of vitamins, improves your body's PH levels, aids the bodies detoxification process, contains high levels of iodine - critical for thyroid health, helps lower cholesterol and has numerous other health benefits. It's all about supporting local with Wild Rimurimu every ingredient in their products is 100% New Zealand grown from their North Island Kelp, central plateau Horopito, Kerikeri citrus and Calandula from right here in Matakana. 


Try their just released Wakame and hemp heart seasonings - Canterbury hemp hearts of course! Amazing on just about everything.

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Thoughtfully crafted along the Puhoi river John uses mostly locally grown fruit and vegetables for his delicious jams, chutneys and mustards. Some come from as close as the orchard next door!


Strawberries, plums and raspberries for his jams. Gherkins , onions and apples for his famous Gherkin relish. All freshly made in season, made by hand, by John, for you to enjoy. 


We are so pleased to introduce our Daily Organics Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to your store.


Our ACV is made from 100% organic New Zealand apples, sourced from Hawkes Bay orchards where the fruit has been left to sun-ripen naturally on the tree. It is then traditionally and slowly aged for twelve months in French oak, giving our ACV its unique smooth and rounded taste. 


Every bottle contains the ‘Mother’ and your customers will be able to trace both the vintage of the apple harvest and which varieties were used - we have used four different varieties instead of just one, for a more full-bodied flavour - to create their particular bottle. 

Also included on the label are several recipe ideas of how to drink and cook with our ACV.


We have crafted our ACV with time and care – it is not from concentrate, has not been diluted, and is brewed in small batches to create a premium product. 

It is raw and nutrient dense, and we have bottled it in our distinctive amber glass to protect the living beneficial bacteria. 

Our first vintage, 2017, is a limited edition of just 2,500 bottles.

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When Clare started F&J in late 2019, she planned it to be a traditional baking business using wheat flour as that is what she had always worked with. Unfortunately, Clare was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in early 2020. No more wheat for her! Clare undertook the the huge challenge of learning how to bake without gluten and Fudge & James #2 was born.


When you buy Fudge & James, you know you are getting a quality baked product that has been hand crafted in a gluten free kitchen using carefully sourced gluten free ingredients. It is so important to Fudge & James that their customers have confidence that the products are safe for those with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease and they also taste absolutely delicious for everyone with no compromise on flavour or texture with our gluten free products.


The Fudge & James mission:  "To make delicious gluten free baking that is safe and irresistible for everyone"



Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is locally grown, harvested and pressed to bring to your table  a 100% natural olive oil. Cold pressed and produced to the highest standard with a distinctive flavour and character that comes from our single press Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

When buying Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil, look for the OliveMark from Olives NZ. This ensures that the olive oil has passed the International Olive Oil Council's requirements to be certified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is packaged and labelled appropriately, is fresh and tasty and is guaranteed 100% New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



JIMMYS CRAFT FOODS premium artisan sauces have been created and developed by Executive Chef - James Lissiman.

JIMMY trained in the New Zealand Navy, and has spent many years as a private Superyacht Chef sailing around the globe, experiencing many exotic ingredients and cuisines. From hustling in the remote village markets of Indonesia, to selecting premium produce of the world famous markets of Venice and St Tropez, JIMMY knows that using only the freshest ingredients are the key to great flavour.

‘’Through small batch production we ensure that only the best processes and ingredients are used to deliver a finished product that tastes delicious!’’

There are 12 sauces in the range made with fresh ingredients and none of the additives that appear in many commercially produced sauces.

All our sauces are refined sugar free, gluten free, plant based and are vegan friendly.


Lindesay and Angela are founding members of the Matakana farmers markets. If you have enjoyed a coffee at the markets it would of been one of theirs, Lindesay has been roasting coffee for over 30 years and has definitely got it down to perfection.


The small team at the roastery batch roast weekly waiting for that precise moment the beans release their optimal flavour and aroma. Single origin, award winning coffee just for you. 

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Edith and Pascal started Swiss Bliss organic chocolates and fine baked goods over 20 years ago and have been producing their signature amazing chocolates ever since. Keen supporters of the local community, they source all their honey, dried fruits and nuts as locally as they can and are gluten, diary and GMO free.


Winners of numerous awards over the years you know when you buy from Swiss Bliss your buying quality and a product made with love.


If you have visited the Matakana farmers market lately it’ll be hard to miss Leonie, her trade mark gorgeous grin surrounded by her homegrown vegetables. Leonie loves the land and was keen to help people reduce their plastic waste so Matakana beeswax wraps was born.


Every time you use one of her handmade, local Matakana beeswax wraps your stopping another piece of plastic ending up in the landfill. 



The Matakana Bag Lady has been a feature of the market since 2004 selling bags and baskets to support the zero waste goals of the market.


The bag and tea towel are made from 100% organic unbleached cotton.


Amber has a passion for natural health and healing. She works as a holistic practitioner in Auckland and Matakana.

She has an affinity for plants, animals, healing, yoga, dance, wholefoods and healing. She is a creator, communicator and caretaker. 


Her path has been consistently challenging and she has travelled through many rites of passage. She has dedicated her life to studying various healing modalities, worked in service and created a range of products in harmony with our bodies and mother earth. 


She is passionate about helping people to evolve in a way that supports a sustainable loving future. She deeply values the art of healing touch, listening and holistic supporting our wellbeing. 


Amber continues to practice the work she promotes – gently tending to her own habits, patterns and wounding that make her human and loveable, inevitably humbled.