Jimmys Craft Food Seafood Sauce - Original

Our BAY OF ISLANDS SEAFOOD SAUCE is the ultimate condiment to fresh seafood.


A rich complex, smokey tomato sauce  finished with a dash of our vegan aioli.


Whether it be, Snapper, Kingfish, Scallops, Crayfish, Salmon and raw fish / Sashimi, are all well suited to this delicious hand crafted sauce.

Use it through a tuna pasta salad, on crumbed fish, snapper sashimi, fish tacos, smoked salmon toasted bagels with avocado for breakfast, fish and chips, homemade seafood pizzas, garlic prawns, as a dip with smoked kahawai fishcakes, mussel fritters, as a condiment with freshly grilled crayfish or with grilled salmon and asparagus.


Our JIMMYS 'Bay Of Islands', is New Zealand’s ultimate seafood sauce. 


Plant Based, Gluten Free, Vegan friendly.

Jimmys Craft Food Seafood Sauce - Original