Almond w. Manuka Honey

Slowly roasted whole Almonds with

Matakana Manuka Honey

Almond & Chocolate

80% ground almonds mixed with delicious dark chocolate. 


100% roasted Almonds with

a little organic sea salt.

Cashew & Almond

Two healthy nuts together, Cashew and Almond nuts.


lightly roasted cashews make a smooth and creamy nut butter

Crunchy Peanut Butter

Australian Peanuts dark roasted with a little organic salt.

Great for savoury dishes and baking.

Smooth Peanut

Our flagship product.

Australian peanuts are dark roasted with a little organic sea salt goodness.

500 g Peanut Butter

Our Crunchy and Smooth peanut butter

in a large 500 gram jar.



ABC Blend

Simple as ABC, freshly ground Almond,

Brazil and Cashew nuts

Organic Almond & Chia

Organic Almonds with Organic Chia seeds,

 Our new favourite.


Peanut w Manuka Honey

Australian peanuts lightly roasted with Matakana manuka honey


500 g Special blend

Chose your own nut butter blend!

without salt, no probs!

email us your specifications.


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