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July 5, 2017



Did you know that we have a jar return policy at Matakana Nut butters. 



5o cent refund on our jars


Now that's motivation! So, next time you are at Matakana farmers markets, bring your nut butter jars in. If you can't bring the jars in for a refund, we encourage you to re use them before you recycle them, just to help the environment out a bit more.


Being plastic free July, we thought we would share some clever ways to reuse our jars making homemade food and items.  More are being posted up on Facebook over the next few months, keep an eye out.  Here are some of our, and the kids, favourites!


1. Nutty Snow Globes


Hours of fun for the kids, a perfect school holiday or wet weekend craft. Make over two days.





you will need:

- 230 g nut butter jar

- old small toy 

- Hot glue gun or super glue

- 1 tsp glitter (preferably some old glitter lying around or find some at a second hand shop, there are loads of craft supplies at second hand shops)

- water


To make:

1. Take the lid from the jar and turn it over so the inside of the lid is facing up.

2. Glue the bottom of the old toy onto the middle of the upside down lid. Allow to dry completely, overnight is good.

3. Fill your jar with water and add the glitter.

4. Tightly screw the lid back onto your jar.


Hours of fun, especially for pre-school and primary aged kids!  Toys may become loose from lid when thrown around for weeks on end.



2. Chia pudding snack


Our small 230 g jars are perfect for an afternoon snack. These chia puddings are fabulous and super easy.




To make:


Fill jar up 3/4 with mineral water or coconut water


add 4-5 tablespoons of chia seeds


add flavour, 1 tablespoon of raw cacao or blackcurrant powder.  

You could add vanilla extract, almond or cashew nut butter, frozen raspberries, matcha green tea powder, cinnamon and turmeric you name it.


optional sweetener: 3 drops of liquid stevia extract or tsp runny honey


fill the rest of the jar up with coconut cream or natural yoghurt.


Stir all ingredients together well.  Place on the lid and shake well and then place in fridge overnight. Shake again in morning and use within 3 days.


Note: Chia is loaded with energy and nutrients and will keep you awake if you have as a dessert in the evening, we recommend devour as a afternoon snack.




3. Soup serving in fridge


Do up a batch of your favourite winter warmer soup and then store in our large 500g nut butter jars in the fridge for up to a week. Simply reheat. Perfect size for two medium size servings. Best bit is it is easy to wash up and then reuse again, no plastic throwaway soup bags!




Enjoy your reusing and have a great winter holiday!





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